once again, monday proves to be a good day.

shocking, i know. the day was hard but since i spent all weekend not thinking about work, that was okay. i did manage to get quite a lot done too. i spent some hardcore time working this project for the law school that my predecessor left in a mess. it’s coming along nicely. i’ll meet with them tomorrow. most things are worked out, i believe.

alex and i first went to the dinkytowner in search of cheap food and drinks for happy hour. it was closed. okay, when they’re open, the food there is decent and the drink prices are good. but you never can tell when they’ll be open. so, they are on my bad list. next we tried the loring pasta bar because they have half price apetizers for students until 5. it was 4:50 and we thought we had made it. alas, they told us that they couldn’t get us seated in time. so, fuck them too. then, accidently we found the steak knife where we both ate dinner for 3.50 a piece. and they have two fors until 11. so that place rules. food is only decent but two fors make up for it. plus, i like their attitude much more than i do the other dinky town places.

so, it is now four beverages later and i’m in a much better mood than when i left work. clas starts in about a half an hour. i think i’m going to ditch out a little early so that i can catch the 8:23 bus home. that bus goes withing a half a block of my house and the 8:53 bus doesn’t make it nearer than 8. i know it doesn’t sound like much but at 10:00pm it makes a difference.

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